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Ko Phi Phi

Hello from Ko Phi Phi! We just got back from a day boat tour of several islands around Ko Phi Phi. It was really fun. We got to feed some monkeys at Monkey Bay, kayak to some beautiful beaches from our boat, and snorkle. I also got to see the beach where they filmed "The Beach" with Leonardo Di'Caprio. It was a little crazy (and a bit dangerous) getting over there though. The waves were too big to drive the boat over to the beach, so they parked on the other side. We could swim from the boat up to this little cave and pull ourselves through on a rope while the waves were crashing you all over the place. We got through this little cave tunnel and then hiked on a sand path 200 meters to the beach. It was really gorgeous there. It was so windy though that the sand was pelting my legs. It hurt too much to stay long. I got in the water for a while and then hiked back and through the scary wave tunnel. I would not have done that if I wasn't a confident swimmer! I jumped off the boat a few times too Dana! Fun stuff.

We are staying in a rented room over a restaurant in the heart of loud downtown Phi Phi. It was a bit noisy getting to sleep last night, but I did sleep o.k. We have air conditioning which is heaven!

Tomorrow we are taking a ferry to Phuket. We stay for a night there and then fly to Chiang Mai on Saturday. Chiang Mai is in Northern Thailand where we'll visit some villages. I may take a jungle trek or a raft trip. I'm going to check that out when we get there. Venisha isn't interested in that, so she will be looking into doing a meditation retreat for a couple days.

We have been meeting a lot of interesting people on our trip. There are so many foreigners (tourists like us) here. Most of the other tourists are either from Europe, Australia, or New Zealand. We also met a couple from Russia. We have only come across 2 other people from the US.

As for food, I haven't had any Thai food since the Musaman lunch a couple days ago. I have to pace myself with the Thai food. We ate a yummy pizza for dinner last night. I may try some green curry tonight. I'm still a bit woozy from our boat today, so I'll have to see how my stomach is a little later.

Keep the comments coming! I love to hear from all of you!

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Hat Rai Lay

Island off of Krabi

Things are looking better for me now. I actually craved Thai food today. The last couple days, the look & smell of it made my nose hairs curl. I just ate Musaman Curry with rice for lunch (Tracy's favorite!). It was sooooo yummy! It beats the musaman from Thai Orchid in Madison Tracy. I wish I could fed ex you some to try!

The island we are on is very beautiful. We found a really nice beach this morning on the other side. I got a foot scrub, foot massage and leg massage while I laid on the beach. So Great! I had a full body oil massage yesterday. It's so cheap that I think I may get one each day I'm at the beach sights. We have a pool at our hotel which is nice. We hung out there a little yesterday. There are too many people there today, so we stayed at the beach longer.

Tomorrow we are taking a boat to Ko Phi Phi (pronounced Ko Pee Pee! ha ha). It's a popular tourist spot. I want to take a snorkeling tour there and maybe do some kayaking.

I'll update more later!

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Low Point

Yesterday was definitely a low point of the trip for me. We left Bangkok and flew to Phuket. We left Phuket from the airport to catch a bus to Krabi. It was a 2 1/2 hour bus ride. I have one word for that ride: misery! I was feeling a little nauseous before we got on the bus so I took a Dramamine. I think the nausea had to do with something I ate for breakfast. The bus was jam packed full with people sitting 3 deep in a 2 person seat. We stood for the first 1/2 an hour. I thought I was going to throw-up or pass out. Luckily, someone left from a seat by me and I was able to sit with one cheek on the edge of the seat. I had to keep my head down on my lap on my backpack and concentrate really hard, just not to throw-up. I made it to Krabi without tossing my cookies. I was proud of that accomplishment! We then had to walk 3 miles with our big packs to our hotel. More misery! There are tons and tons of cabs and Tuk-Tuks in Bangkok, but none to be found in Krabi. We finally arrived at our hotel and I took a shower and went to bed. (oh, I also left my sunglasses on the bus by accident. Dang!)

On the bright side, we are in beautiful Southern Thailand with crystal blue water, beaches, and limestone cliffs. This morning we are catching a boat to the island of Hat Lai Ray. We are going to stay in a bungalow and relax on the beach. Ahhhh, just what I need right now. I think now is the time for a Thai massage too.

I hope all is well back in the States!

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Kanchabanuri Tour

We have just returned from our 3 day/2 night tour in Kanchabanuri. I had a great time! Our accommodations weren't that good, but the things we did were amazing. The highlight was this morning... I went with about 7 other people from our tour group early in the morning to bathe the elephants. We rode them bareback into the Kwai River and frolicked around with them for about a half an hour. It was probably one of the coolest things I have ever done! They are so enormous. It was a little scary the first few moments on top of it, but I got comfortable quite quickly.

The day before we went to Erewan Waterfall. We hiked up to the "7th step" (7 tiered falls). We swam in the crystal clear blue pools at the base of tier 7 & 4. I was really freaked out by the fish because if you stop moving, they come up and nibble or poke at your feet and legs. Yucky! I went down a rock that was like a slide into the pool. Very fun!

We also went to Tiger Temple. It is a tiger rehabilitation place that is run by monks (I think). We got to pose with the tigers and get our picture taken. I have never been so close to wild animals in my life! I think the tigers must have been drugged or something. They were really mellow.

We went on a bamboo raft ride this morning after breakfast. It was quite relaxing floating down the Kwai River. Some people jumped in and floated in the river. I decided not to since I just showered after swimming with the elephant.

Tomorrow I'm going to get up at 5:00 a.m. and take a taxi to Lumphini Park to do my 16 mile run. I can't get off my training schedule for the marathon. I have no idea how far it is around the park, but I may end up doing several loops to get the 16 miles in. I don't want to risk getting lost by venturing around too much. I'll have money with me so in case I decide to venture off, I'll be able to pay for a cab ride back to the hotel. This should be interesting!

So far I'm enjoying the food a lot. The food on the tour was hit and miss. There were a couple meals that were kind of bland, but others were really yummy, like the pad thai for lunch, the pork green curry and a veggie stir fry type thing. The breakfasts were gross on the tour. I just ate my Kashi bar and white toast this morning. We're back at Hotel De' Moc in Bangkok now which has an amazing buffet breakfast. Can't wait to pig out after my run!

I'm off to eat dinner. Until next time....

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Good News!

My backpack has found me in Bangkok! It was a joyous reunion. I was very relieved when it arrived. I was able to go for my first Thailand run yesterday morning. I only went out for about a half an hour at 5:30 a.m. Running around the city is actually a great way to see things. I ran past the Teacher's Federation of Thailand, an army place, a big police headquarters and down a boulavard that was fairly quiet from traffic. I took along some baht in case I needed to take a tuk-tuk back to the hotel. It's VERY easy to get lost in this city! Bangkok is hands down the most difficult city I have ever had to navigate throughout all of my travels. It's definitely worth the baht to take tuk-tuks and cabs.

Our plan to go north and into Laos is no longer. We found out that we had to book our train ticket 3 days in advance, and we don't have the time to wait since we leave for Phuket on the 3rd. Instead we booked a one day tour yesterday to the floating market, rose garden and an elephant/crocodile place It was an interesting day. We got bumped around to 4 different tour vans and groups throughout the day. It is interesting how all the tour people work together. Oh yes, we ate a really yummy thai buffet for lunch: panang chicken and black pepper chicken were my favorites! We also visited a gem factory. That was crazy! The people in Thailand are highly aggressive with sales. I did end up buying a couple gems (mom...I thought of you while I was there. I think you will be happy!).

Today we are leaving for a 3 day tour to Tiger Temple, the River Kwai, bamboo rafting, a waterfall, and a stay on a floating hotel. We will get back to Bangkok for one more day and then we'll leave for Phuket.

I'm off to eat our delicious hotel breakfast. Until next time!

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